Work outside the office brings unexpected benefits

Flexible forms of work are no longer just the starting point for small businesses, according to a new large-scale survey. More and more large companies are encouraging their employees to work outside the office, and this has benefits not only for subordinates but also for business, according to IWG, the parent group of leading workplace organization companies. Of the 18,000 professionals surveyed in different industries in 96 countries, it is clear that 70% of employees each week work in a different location from the office at least one day a week. More than half (53%) work remotely over half or more days of the week, while more than one tenth (11%) work outside the company’s headquarters five times a week.

Among the main benefits of flexible work arrangements are not only the reduction of travel time to the office, but also the increase in productivity, the sense of employee satisfaction and even the influx of creative forces. More than 90% of respondents say flexible workspaces allow employees to be more productive when they are on the move and 84% believe that flexible workflows help their businesses maximize their profits. so many of the participants believe that this new working model works in favor of competitiveness. Over 80% of people are convinced that remote work locations help employees achieve a better work-life balance, and that flexible work helps them retain their most talented employees.

But the benefits are not just for employees. The global IWG study also found that businesses are also aware of the significant benefits of the flexible model. Respondents share growth for business (up 89% from 67% in 2016), competitiveness (87% – up from only 59% in 2014), productivity (up 82% from 75% in 2013) , attracting and retaining high talent (up to 80% compared to 64% in 2016), and maximizing profits (83%).

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