Why is bed-time so important?

For many today, providing 7 hours of sleep per day is a challenge. Here that Duke University researchers add something else to the list of things you MUST follow to live healthily – going to bed almost at the same time. Most of us accept bedtime as a duty from childhood, which disappears as soon as we become adults.

A recent study by Scientific Reports suggests that adults who do not follow a specific bedtime schedule are more complete, less healthy, with higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Interestingly, the researchers are not sure whether these indicators are due to irregular and qualitative sleep, or they themselves cause interference at night by not allowing a person to sleep.

“Probably all of these things interact in one way or another,” explains Jessica Avery, an assistant professor of psychiatric behavioral science, and one of the lead authors of the study. After examining over 1978 people, she sums up that if one goes to bed at the same time and sleeps at least 7 hours a day, she has a significantly greater chance of enjoying good health and longevity.

“Heart disease and diabetes are common in America and are quite expensive to treat. Very often they lead to premature death. More importantly, one must take precautionary measures and good sleep is one of the main ones, “Avery said.

Together with her team, Jessica has found that people with hypertension sleep more hours, and those who are more full lie down later. And that the heart rate and metabolic level is of utmost importance is the regularity of sleep – a long-term and a time interval. People who regularly do not fall asleep are more prone to depression and stress show their analyzes. In their group, African-Americans, those of Chinese and Spanish origin, are said to belong to this group.

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