What to eat before and after workout

Is it necessary to eat before workout?

  • Most people feel more comfortable doing cardio without having consumed food at least 2 hours before.

But if you decide to do a strength training, it is not advisable to have an empty stomach. Breakfast before strength training is good to be carbohydrate to have the energy you need.

How important is the type of workout:

There is a huge difference between two yoga workouts and two heavy weight training. Yoga – this is a low-intensity exercise that is associated with breathing, so it is not advisable to have eaten before it.

At least an hour and a half – two hours before training, it’s a good idea to have finished feeding, of course it’s nice to have taken carbohydrates and proteins.

If you are dealing with cross-talk, at least 4 hours have elapsed between the beginning of the workout and the end of the last meal. This will activate your entire body.

There is a delusion in most people that during cardio forest fat, but that’s not exactly the case. During cardio workout we use glycogen from the liver, 45-60 min. Fats are consumed by the body very economically, mainly during rest, sleep and relaxed activities.

So whatever you eat before training will not particularly affect this process. Keeping in shape is not as important what you have eaten before, but how much is the total calorie value of the foods you eat for the day. It is precisely the calorie balance and your daily activity that depends on how much fat your body will consume.

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