What happens to the body when you drink a cup of coffee

There are people who can not start the day without a cup of coffee. It is the perfect means of enlivening and waking up early in the morning, and it also stimulates metabolism. 
Even with the smell of the hot drink, the senses of the coffee lovers sharpen. Here are what other changes happen to the body after taking a coffee.

10 minutes

It takes coffee caffeine to reach all the systems in the body. In fact, the absorption of caffeine starts as soon as the coffee comes into the mouth. 10 minutes after the first espresso is drunk, it enters the bloodstream, with caffeine converted to theobromine, theophylline and paraxanthin. These substances influence the basic functions of the body.

20 minutes

After that time, you feel much fresher and more concentrated than before. This is due to caffeine, which suppresses the action of adenosine, which signals to the brain that it is time to sleep. After drinking a cup of coffee, the brain works at a faster rate and is not associated with adenosine receptors, so you have more energy and you are not sleeping.

30 minutes

Caffeine results in increased adrenaline in the body. One feels much more energetic, and he is in excellent shape – both physically and mentally. Coffee causes enlargement of pupils and accelerates cardiac purity.

40 minutes

You feel even better, because after that time the production of serotonin in the body increases, and it is considered a hormone of happiness. Your cognitive functions are getting stronger, and there is no longer any trace of your nervousness with which you wake up.

4 hours

A few hours after the coffee, stomach releases hydrochloric acid. It separates as soon as food comes into it. However, when you drink coffee, the body expects that there is some food the stomach needs to digest. So it quickly releases the acid. On the other hand, caffeine promotes the destruction of body fat and increased metabolism. It releases free fatty acids in the bloodstream, which eventually turn into energy.

According to specialists, up to two cups of coffee a day can revive and reduce drowsiness, but a larger amount can lead to the opposite effect.

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