We Tried The Trendy New Ayurvedic Snack Bites & Were Really Surprised

We got out the modernization of ayurveda in the current year’s health patterns, and now, at last, a brand has ventured up to the plate, with a bite prepared to meet the quickly developing excitement for the old Indian arrangement of prescription.

OJAS STUDIO has recently propelled three date and grain nibbles that depend on the ayurvedic idea of doshic types. To put it plainly, as per ayurveda, all individuals are comprised of three doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. In light of our intrinsic characteristics and various ecological components, diverse doshas can wind up prevailing. A significant number of ayurveda’s practices are centered around bringing the three doshas again into parity.

That is the place the bite nibbles come in. “In case you’re feeling more vata-prevailing one day, you can go after a vata-enlivened tidbit to adjust those characteristics,” clarifies Erin Casperson, the present senior member of the popular Kripalu School of Ayurveda, who worked with OJAS STUDIO when they were in their early periods of advancement. This is what she needs to state about the ayurvedic properties of each chomp, and our interpretation of the taste.


The vata-enlivened chomp is prevalently seasoned with cardamom, cinnamon, and walnut, with a date and entire grain oat base. This is on the grounds that, as per Casperson, on the off chance that somebody has more vata in them, they will in general run somewhat dry. “They cherish sodden muggy atmospheres since that is the place they feel best and flourishing,” she tells mbg. “This nibble has a tad of sleekness from coconut oil and walnut, which gives it more dampness.” Vatas additionally will in general run cold (in case you’re that individual in a sweater while the entire office is overheated, you may be vata), which roused the zest mix. “Cinnamon is more warming, and cardamom assists with absorption,” Casperson clarifies. This nibble is an office top pick, with a treat batter like flavor and a trace of enthusiasm from the more intriguing flavors.


“Kapha individuals will in general be the most tough and consistent of the three doshas,” clarifies Casperson. “Their sensory system and absorption are unfaltering all around.” The upside, as per Casperson, is their equality and trustworthiness, at the same time, she stated, that relentlessness “can in some cases look like drowsiness.” The consideration of ginger and turmeric serves to warm up those characteristics. Kaphas likewise have the most oil in their bodies—the inverse of dry vatas, which prompted the consideration of chia seeds in this chomp. “Kapha types would support this over nuts, since they’re drier and really retain dampness,” Casperson clarifies. The chia loans a decent smash to these chomps while the turmeric offers a natural, tenderly appetizing hint to the fiery, forward ginger notes.


The pitta chomps are minimal zest forward of the three, depending rather on orange strip and fig for their fragile, botanical flavor. “These aren’t excessively spiced on the grounds that the greater part of our flavors will in general be warming, and we would prefer not to overheat a pitta type,” Casperson clarifies. Pittas are the main dosha with flame in them, and accordingly, they will in general run warm amid the majority of the year. “We would prefer not to chill off pitta totally,” says Casperson, “in light of the fact that you require warmth for appropriate assimilation, yet the flavorings in this chomp warm it up definitely the perfect sum in simply the correct way.” She additionally cautions that pittas should need to stash more than one pack around. “Notwithstanding being the most determined and sorted out, with administration type characteristics, pittas will in general have the most powerful assimilation—so they get eager,” she snickers. This chomp has a sweet, coconut-and fig-based flavor, with a trace of strawberry (the more organic product adoring snackers in the workplace preferred it best).

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