Top 17 Mistakes Every Dog Owner Should “Stop” Making


8.Not Recognizing Fear.

dog owners commonly refer to their dogs as being stubborn. They’ll say their dog won’t walk with them outside, doesn’t want to greet other dogs, or won’t respond to cues in public places. However, in a lot of these cases, the puppies or dogs are not being “stubborn” (a human trait we give to dogs), but are actually anxious or fearful of the situation they have been put in. Not being able to recognize when your dog is fearful is a big mistake that can be costly.

If you are pushing your dog to do something and he is afraid, he could end up biting you or another dog or person. When your dog starts showing signs of fear or anxiety, back off! Do not force them into the situation further. Seek out a professional trainer to help you learn how to manage your dog in these situations, which will make him more comfortable and you more at ease

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