Top 17 Mistakes Every Dog Owner Should “Stop” Making


9.No Management.

Stories abound about what dogs devour after being brought home. High heel shoes, expensive designer purses, iPhones, dry wall, you name it, it’s probably been eaten by a dog somewhere. This is a trap a lot of new owners fall into because they just assume there new dog or puppy will leave things alone and not chew on anything except those dozens of toys strewn all over the house. Your new family member does not know the difference between a squeaky toy and a Prada bag, nor can he learn without help, and learning takes time. Meanwhile, manage your new dog by not leaving things out for him to chew, keeping watch on him while he is loose, and confining him in a safe place when you cannot. If you leave your new shoes and your puppy alone, the end result is your fault, not the dog’s. Stock up on bully sticks, tooth-cleaning toys, and other good-to-chew things for your pup.

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