Three Chocolates per month keep the heart from illnesses

Biting up to three chocolates per month reduces the risk of heart failure by up to 13%. This shows a new study in the United States quoted by Daily Mail.

Flavonoids (a type of plant pigment) containing real chocolate strengthens blood vessels and reduces inflammation, according to the results of a study by experts at the Iicon Medical School at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. They are categorical that the sweet temptation with brown color is useful if consumed moderately. Of course, it’s not about chocolates that are full of sugar and fat.

Therapists have found that people who enjoy chocolate every day have a 17% greater risk of heart failure and cardiovascular problems.

Heart failure destroys more and more people around the world. In the UK nearly 3,000 die within one year of diagnosis.

“I believe chocolate is a great source of flavonoids that reduce inflammation in the body and increase good cholesterol,” said Dr Chiakrit Kritanaung, who led the study. And he specified that black chocolate is most useful because it contains more cocoa and very little sugar.

“However, chocolate may have higher levels of saturated fat,” he explains.

Victoria Taylor, a senior nutritionist at a British foundation, adds that chocolate cocoa has many health benefits. “His moderate consumption may protect the heart, but overdosing it is detrimental to many organs and systems,” she says.

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