This Pink Ayurvedic Latte Might Be The Prettiest Way To Tame Inflammation

The latte utilizes a rich coconut milk base to include solid, glucose balancing out fat, and a touch of beet juice for its really pink shading. Top it with some eatable flower petals and you have the ideal love-filled beverage.

Rose Quartz Latte

Makes 2 containers


2 mugs coconut milk

2 tablespoons crisp beetroot juice

1 teaspoon rose water

1 teaspoon crude cacao spread liquefied or ghee

1 teaspoon crude nectar or better of decision

¼ teaspoon crude vanilla powder

flower petals to serve, discretionary

Magnificence include ins (discretionary): ½ teaspoon Schisandra or potentially ¼ teaspoon pearl powder


Tenderly warm the coconut milk and beet squeeze in a pot over low warmth, without permitting to stew.

Cautiously fill a blender.

Include the rose water, cacao spread, crude nectar, and vanilla. Mix on high until warm and foamy. Fill a mug and served sprinkled with flower petals whenever wanted.

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