This 4-Ingredient Korean Secret Is Scientifically Proven To Keep You From Getting Sick

“This formula is a well known side dish in Korea, adored for its hot, garlicky kick, blended with the addictive marginally sweet tang from the nectar and the aging procedure,” Choi clarifies. “Garlic, the fundamental fixing, is a known wholesome powerhouse for its antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It contains useful mixes found to decrease aggravation, offer cancer prevention agent benefits, and fortify our insusceptible framework. Nectar additionally supports cancer prevention agents in our body and builds our capacity to battle illness. At the point when utilized together, these can turn into a useful asset amid cold and influenza season or for ordinary wellbeing upkeep.”

While the two fixings alone are incredible, they’re made exponentially more prominent by the maturation procedure. “The allicin in garlic, which gives it its resistant boosting properties, is altogether expanded when aged,” Choi says.

She suggests that you appreciate Manuel Jjangachi consistently as a fixing, at the same time, in case you’re catching something, you can stack up with about a quarter-measure of it a few times each day to ward off whatever bug you are managing. Make it early and store it in the refrigerator uncertainly, so you have it available at whatever point you need it.

Manuel Jjangachi (Pickled Fermented Garlic)

Makes 4½ mugs (454 g)


1 pound (454 g) crisp garlic (around 10 heads)

1⅓ mugs (320 mL) apple juice vinegar, partitioned


¾ container (180 mL) coconut aminos

2 tablespoons (30 mL) nectar


Separate the garlic cloves from the heads and remove the root closes. Spot in an expansive bowl and spread with high temp water for 30 minutes to 1 hour so they are less demanding to strip. Strip the skin, at that point channel. Spot the stripped garlic in a 1-quart (1-L) glass container.

Include 1 glass (240 mL) of apple juice vinegar, at that point fill the rest with water until the garlic cloves are totally submerged. Close the cover and let it sit at room temperature for seven days.

Channel the fluid from the container. Consolidate the coconut aminos, ⅓ glass (80 mL) of apple juice vinegar, and nectar, at that point empty it into the container with the garlic cloves. On the off chance that the garlic cloves aren’t totally secured by the brackish water, include water until they are.

Give the container a chance to sit at room temperature for about fourteen days or more. I’ve given them a chance to age for over a month. The more they sit, the better the flavors will assemble. Start tasting week by week, and once they have aged to your enjoying, exchange to the fridge. They will last inconclusively.

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