The habits that hurt your back

Your back is one of the most important and vulnerable parts of the body as it passes through many nerves, vertebrae and it has a supportive and binding function of all limbs. Even slight injury can affect your overall health. Sometimes you hurt your back without even realizing it, making everyday different seemingly trivial things. For example:

You often wear high heels

This leads to a change in the curve of the back and hence to the posture because of the unequal weight transfer. If you want to go higher, bet on platforms.

Weightlifting in the Hall

Make sure you do not overdo the weights and perform the exercises correctly. Slight deviations in the trajectory of movement can lead to undesirable zoning and inflammation of the nerves, which immediately reflects on the spine.

Heavy Bags

Wearing heavy shopping / ladies handbags makes you tilted to one side. If this happens frequently, it will lead to distortion of the posture and spine. Distribute the weight evenly in both hands.

Using mobile phones

A habit we all possess, but dangerous in an unexpected way. Frequently, during a phone call, there is a distortion of the neck, which also exerts pressure on the spine.

Wrong posture of sleep

Sleeping on the stomach often has a negative impact on the spine. The reason is that in this position you are putting pressure on the neck, the spine and the pelvis. It is good to provide a comfortable pillow and small pillows to support your points if you are lying on your stomach.


Unfortunately, you will not be able to escape from them, but you can do them by taking care of your posture. For example, when you clean the floor with a rag, most of the time you subconsciously bend. Better fold the knees slightly and keep your back straight and not take the body forward. Window washing, which usually lasts hours, also affects your back and waist.

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