Scented drinks also harm the kidneys

Besides leading to more pounds, carbonated beverages also harm the kidneys. This shows a study quoted by UPI.

Experts at the University of Buffalo, New York state that if you consume carbonated soft drinks while exercising at 35 degrees Centigrade, the risk of kidney disease increases.

After being physically active and consuming sweetened carbonated beverages, participants became more dehydrated and blood levels of vasopressin in their blood increased, and this indicates an increase in blood pressure.

Consumption of sweetened carbonated beverages during and after physical exercises in hot weather dehydrates, the authors of the study noted.

Scientists created a laboratory environment in which the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. For the purposes of the study, the participants ingested 450 grams of conjugated beverages containing caffeine or the same amount of water between 4 physical activity sessions each lasting 45 minutes.

It turned out that after drinking drinks many participants had elevated levels of creatinine in their blood and with a lower glomerular filtration index, an indicator of kidney function. The participants who drank water had no such changes. Before the start of the study, the participants drank one liter of a sugary carbonated beverage containing caffeine or the same amount of water.

During and after the study, participants who consumed carbonated beverages complained of mild dehydration. Previous studies have linked the consumption of carbonated beverages with an increased risk of kidney disease.

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