12 Reasons Why Pizza is Good for You


Reasons Why Pizza is Good for You


Pizza is currently one of the greatest accomplishments as far as cooking and baking are concerned. It is almost sure that everyone loves to eat. I mean the dough; the tomato sauce; the greasy cheese, and toppings all make one delicious healthy snack.

However, some people still have the impression that pizza isn’t the healthiest of foods. But this is because they fail to recognize that the major determinant of how healthy a food is depends on the quantity consumed.

Pizza is generally adored and accepted because of its impressive flavor and the different possibility of toppings that ensure everyone finds the variety they love. It is highly nutritious and offers a lot of health benefits.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t even aware of the health advantages it offers.

Maybe when you find out, you’d make it routine to have a couple of slices now and then.

However, try not to have an overdose after reading the following benefits.


1. Eating pizza regularly reduces the risk of cancer

Pizza is definitely not a cure to cancer, but a study revealed that those who ate pizza twice a week had a 59 percent reduced chance of having esophageal cancer.

This is because pizza is rich in carvacrol, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

The risk of developing cancer of the colon and throat were also significantly reduced in this set of people.

If you are concerned about your health, make pizza an occasional meal.

2. It has a lot of protein

Since starchy foods are inexpensive, they are everywhere, leaving only a few types of foods to have high protein content. The cheese in pizza gives the average slice of about 12 grams of protein.

Protein is required in your body for tissue assembling and bodybuilding, which makes it suitable for those who want to bulk up at the gym.

Since having pizza is an easy way of making sure you hit your required daily intake of protein, you can stay healthy by having a premium slice of pizza regularly.

Eating pizza regularly reduces the risk of cancer

3. It makes a good duo with alcohol

For those who take beer and wine, the pizza dough is a great way to complete your dine as it takes up alcohol, allowing you to feel more satisfied than out of your mind. It can be said to be a healthy combination of alcohol beverages.

4. More lycopene, fewer heart diseases

Lycopene is known to be found richly in berries and tomatoes. This compound, which is an anti-oxidant, is readily absorbed from cooked tomatoes, and since tomatoes are a major pizza ingredient; it can help your heart.

Pizza sauce is tomato-rich, one slice containing up to 2000mcg of lycopene. Antioxidants are generally good for your health as they help remove harmful substances from the body.

5. Pizza is a balanced diet

The original design of pizza is actually straightforward and balanced, having carbohydrates, protein, and fat in every slice. The carbohydrate is in the crust, the fat and protein essentially in the cheese.

The protein and fat sort of balances out the carbs so that you feel satisfied even longer and not have a sudden spike of sugar levels followed by a quick drop as with a sugary cereal meal. This makes pizza a healthy and nutritious choice for breakfast.

For more complex pizza designs, there are more classes of foods. Although keeping it simple is healthy, it is healthier to include vegetables for its fiber.

6. Pizza isn’t as expensive as other foods of its caliber

Anyone can order a pizza because it is quite inexpensive, and it is that one food that gets delivered to your doorstep. So if you’re on a budget, you can still eat the delicious pizza that is very affordable.

You don’t even have to worry about dishes; you can eat it straight out of the box.


7. Pizza could be fast food, but it is way healthier than ‘fast foods’

It is easy to grab a pizza in the morning and eat, but you’d feel less guilty when you do than consuming fries or a Big Mac.

For those on a diet afraid of anything not green, pizza can still be healthy food if quantity is reduced.

Nutritionists say one meal isn’t going to make you gain weight.

8. You cannot get tired of having pizza

Pizza comes in different makeup and with toppings that have endless variety so that you can eat a different one every day. If you prefer plain slices or you like it heaped with pepperoni or your favorite is the buffalo chicken dressed pizza, your endless needs can be met every time.

9. You can make your pizza at home

You can choose the entire right ingredient to make it as nutritious as possible- Ham beef, more tomatoes, and less crust, lean meat, more vegetables, and dairy. So long you can prepare it yourself.

10. Pizza can give you stronger bones

Calcium is very important for building stronger bones, and pizza has a lot of calcium in its cheese.

Since our bodies need calcium to maintain bone structure, having pizza occasionally can be a good source of this mineral.

11. Pizza can help you eat healthy- more vegetables

Pizza can help you eat healthy- more vegetables

Not everyone can eat raw green vegetables from a plate-like vegetarians do, but including veggies to your pizza is something else entirely. Vegetables contribute to good health from diet, and if pizza is a good way to eat them, why not?

12. Can boost your immunity

Pizza sauce contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and a miracle worker as it helps you stay healthy, literally, by preventing infections through strengthening your immune system.

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