Psychologists Explain The Most 15 Common Dreams


Dreams have always been studied. Overnight, they multiply: the events experienced during the dayappear at the onset of sleep, but itis in the so-called “paradoxical” phase that the most emotionally revealing dream appears and marks the mind Masters degree abroad scholarship. When our eyes close, our subconsciousmind sometimes begins to wander and can make us feel like we are experiencingvery real thingsthroughdreams. Dreams which are not trivial and whichmean a lot in relation to our life applying for nrotc scholarship. Moreover, to help yousee more clearly, wesuggestyoudecodeyourdreamsusingourdictionary of dreams. You willfind the explanationsthere to understand and interpret the dreamsymbolsthat come up regularly in ourdreams.

To help youbetterunderstand the different issues, we have decided to classifytheminto 15 differentcategories:


Dreaming about losing your teeth can have a meaning directly related to whatever scares us the most as humanbeings and ourinnermostanxieties. To dream of losingteethmaymeanthatyoulack self-confidence, physically and / or mentallymba scholarship opportunities. Thus, it can be as well a physicalinsecurity as a feeling of insecurity in the face of a recent change in ourprofessional, sentimental or personal life. Askyourself the right questions, an event in your life thatmayseem trivial at first glancemaybe the reasonwhyyou have dreamed of fallingteeth. Maybeyou are not as confident as youthoughtyouweremilitary scholarship program. Anotherinterpretation of thisdream can bebeingafraid of beingridiculous. Perhapsyou’verecentlyexperienced an eventwhereyoufeltashamed of an authority figure or someonewhoseapprovalyouseek. Humans are social animals, and itisonly normal to seek group approval. However, becarefulthatthisapprovaldoes not giveyoubadblood.


If you dream of a baby in your arms, it is very likely that it will be repeated several times. And if you see your child, nephew, grandchild, or another baby thatyou know, it is associated with your love for that loved one scholarship military spouse. But if you hold your baby in your arms, sing a lullaby to him and hughim, it means that you are a protective person not only with your love dones, but with all thatyou have accomplished in your life. However, if the baby issomeoneelse’s, the interpretationiscompletelydifferent. Holding a baby in yourdreamswithoutknowingwhoheis (especially if heiscrying) meansthatyouneed to findyourself, thatyoufeelisolated, sad, and maybe a littleunhappy. You may have broken up withyourpartner, been fired, or missedyour goals, soyou’llneed to makesomerelationship changes or work to getyoursmile back on yourfeet.


Dreamingthatyou are in the car and it’sanotherpersondriving, youdon’tjust control your existence withyourwill, it’sanother aspect of yourselfthat leads the game and is in control. This aspect of youisrepresented by the driver of your car. To understandwhatisrulingyour life in the precise situation at the moment, or in regard to a particular aspect defined in the dream, you must express what the personbehind the wheel has for you as a quality. For example, whenitcomes to a strong-willedfriendwho leads, itisyourtendency not to let yourself go thatis in charge of a particular situation scholarship for doctoral program. Or itis a parent who drives and itisthen a pole linked to youreducationthat leads you and not yourcurrentdesire for autonomyscholarship for doctoral programs. Or it’s a shycolleaguewhoisdriving and it’syourownshynessthatmakesyoumake certain leadership choices.


Usually, this type of dreamingis the equipment related to emotions and in particular, dreams with sea water cover us the true state of mind of people. If wedream of big waves or the seaisvery turbulent, itmeansthat in your life thereis no tranquilitymaryland state scholarship. If wedream about a tsunami, itmeansthatthereisexcess pressure and stress in our body whichisdestroying us. If wedream of a calmsea, itmeansthat in our life everything flows withharmony and peace. If wedream of sailing in the seaitmeansdifferentthings. If we are sailing in a calmsea, wefindsuccess and happiness, but if, on the contrary, wedream of sailing in a rough sea, thenwe are in difficult situations. If wedreamed of sailing in rough sea, itmeansthatwe are very close to witnessingsome trouble, but bewarebecause people sailing in yourdreammaybeinvolved, sobecareful. And if wedream of fallingoverboard, itmeansthatwe are grieving about a failurewe have had or a possible failuretransfer scholarship. If wedream of being at the bottom of the sea, itmeansthatwe are goingthrough a stage in our life whereweneed to reflect. If wedreamthatwe are adrift, itmeansthatwe have let ourselvesbedone and our life isadrift. If wedream of drowning in the sea, itmeansthatwe are desperate for the problemswe are currentlyexperiencing.


Most often, the fall in the dreamisaccompanied by fear, indicating a feeling of insecurity. You feellonely and unsupported, especiallywhenyou’rehaving big problems in real life. The fall can alsoindicatethatyou are on a dangerouspath and thatyouneed to rethinkyourjudgment. A fallinto the void can reflect a failure one isfacing. Falling down the stairsis a sign of danger to befeared. A fallinto a holewarns us thatsomeworriesawait us. To seeyourselffallinginto water in a dreammeansthatyou are drownedunder the constraints and difficulties of everyday life and thatyoucannot resurface. A fallfrom a roof portendsfinancialworries, now or in the future. For a woman, the dream of falling can alsooccurwhensheis the victim of sexualharassment.


For a student, the exam is the final step, allowingthem to assesstheirachievementsduringtheirstudiesscholarship for military spouses. It oftentakes place mid-term, like partial exams, thusallowing the student to continue in the right direction if the results are good and to redouble their efforts if the results are unsatisfactorymilitary scholarship medical school. The final exam is more decisivebecauseitsoutcomeiseitherpass or fail. Suddenly, for a student, the exam alwaysgeneratesapprehension, anxiety or evenanguish.

For a patient, the medicalexaminationis an essential step, allowing to identify the origin of the ailmentswhichgnawhim. As with the student, waiting for the resultsalwaysputs the patient in a kind of anxiety. The wordexaminationmayalsorefer to the examination of conscience, when a personneeds to do some soul-searching to find out whereheis in relation to the goals he has set for himselfscholarship for mba program. The symbolism of the examination In the case of the student and the patient, the examinationsubmits the personconcerned to the authority of anotherperson (jury or doctor), in terms of introspection, itis the interested party himselfwho expresses hisownjudgment on the value of his conscience.


A white garment: In general, it promises more calm for waking life and ensures a return to serenity.

A black garment: Melancholymood, but joy all the same. Tendency to confinement, isolation, withdrawalintooneselfmesothelioma scholarship.

A bluegarment: It seemsthatheunderlineshis love of work. Is it due to the “overalls”? It is up to everyone to confirm the correctness of thisinterpretation.

A redgarment: Period of struggle, constructive or destructive, depending on the context. Sometimes a sign of lust.

A garment of all colors, motley: Sorrows, sorrows, sadness, disturbances in emotions. Anarchic or contradictory feelings, or both.


If dreaming of beingchased by a man induces an instinctive fearresponse, its translation into real life indicates a positive change scholarship social worker. There is no doubtthatyou are goingthrough a period of tension right now, wheremanythings are worrying and frighteningyou. However, throughyour plans for change in yourwork or yourprivate life, youwillfind a pathleadingyou to more serenity.

It mayhappenthatyou are not beingchased by a man but by dogs. It is a dreamthatis as unpleasant as itisdisturbing, becauseitleavesyoudoubtingitsmeaning. However, thisissomething positive. Experts in dreaminterpretation assure that the dogsintervening in yourdream are chasingyou to announce positive changes in your body and an improvement in yourhealth. This dreamthereforerefers to your state of physical and mental health.

In the symbolic world of dreams, wolvesrepresent domination. To dream of wolveschasingyouthereforeassociatesyourcapacity for change with the prospect of successnon 12 step rehab scholarship. You thereforefeelthatyou are making important changes in yourworkplacethatwill lead to yoursuccess. It is the harbinger of progress, a positive change in work or the realization of an ambition.


To dream of disasteris a sign of weakness in our life. The dreamwarns us of a threathanging over us. Whenwitnessingone’sowndeath in a dream, it can be a harbinger of failure in your business, resulting in seriousfinancialloss. Whenhaving money problems, having a dream in whichyou are in danger indicatesthatourworries are not going to getbetterapply college scholarship. A danger in a dream can alsoberelated to a conflictwiththosearoundhimbecause of a mutualincomprehension. It can alsoherald a complicatedromanticrelationshipmilitary spouse college scholarship. Seeing a loved one in danger meanspaying attention to thosearoundyou and helpingthose in need. The dream of danger warns us to protectourselves, avoid the problem if possible, but not ignore it.


The dreamer must takeintoconsiderationherdesire to have anotherchild. This makesherrealizethatgreater changes and resourceswillbeneeded. She tends to underestimate the role the birth of a new childwilltake in her life scholarship for masters in public health. This awareness will help him to assume and achievehisdesiremasters in nursing scholarship. This will not necessarilyresult in the arrival of twins. Rather, itis about the psychological place twinstake in the life of the dreamer and herfamily.


To dream of beinglate for a date (business, romantic, or financial) meansthatyou are missing out on opportunities. You know it and you regret it, soyourelivethisfailuresymbolically in a dream. It can be oldopportunitiesthatyoumissed and stillfindit hard to digest, or presentopportunitiesthatyou let go. This delay in a dreammay correspond to a real delaywith regrettable consequences, for example, a chance thatyoumissed.

Oftenwedreamthatwe are late for work. This kind of dreamisalwaysexperiencedwith a greatsense of anguish. You wake up with a start and once yourealizethatitwasjust a dream, you are relieved scholarship for mba programs. But whatdoesthatmeanexactly? To dream of arrivinglate can express fear of facing an event or a personscholarship for master in education. It can alsoreflect the lack of appeal of where one isexpected.

12. A ROOM

The bedroomis the furthest place fromcurious people and strangers; Dreaming about a room oftenmeansthat the dreamer tries to keep certain intimatethingsconcerninghim secret. It couldbe, of course, hisfantasies or a forbidden love thathedoesn’twant to reveal to anyone. And seeing your own bedroom in a dream can be a sign of disappointment.

To dream of a hospital room mayindicate a temporaryhealthproblem. And an empty room does not bodewell for the home scholarship for masters in education. But a cold room announces a period full of hasslescholarship for nurse practitioner program. Dreaming of a gaschamber can be a harbinger of betrayal. To bewith an unknownwoman in a room in a dream, announces intrigues. On the other hand, to be in a bedroom in a dreamwith a man, meansthatwewillmeethimsoon.


Whenthereis a phone problem for the dreamer, itindicates to himthatsomethingiswrongwithyour communication, bothemotional, whetheritiswhen the personyou are trying to reachis a loved one, or if they are part of medical school navy scholarship. And about your professional network, If the phone rings “busy” or willbe “absent subscribers”, the dreamer tries to get in touchwithhimself. And the message willthenbe the analysis of whatprevents the connections, refusal to acceptoneself or psychic indisposition with an excessive search for inner solitude.

When a dreamerisneartheir phone, waiting for a call, the dreamindicatesthat the psyche has information to give and receivesothatproblems can besolvedscholarship for masters degree in education. Also the telephoneis  indicative of sentimental life.


Talkingwith a stranger in a dream, but not understandingtheirlanguage, itrevealspoor communication and anxietythatyouwill not understandeachother. Meeting a stranger in a dream, can alsoherald an unexpected and unpleasant complaint. To dream of the unknown, can alsoportendpleasant news, and unexpectedsuccesses, your situation could change for a muchhigher one. An unknown personwho arises during a dream, can be a symbol of new possibilities, knowledge or even a projection of oneself.


To dream of a dirtymirror, is an omenthat the dreamerwillmake a badchoice or take a wrong direction. If youdreamed of a ghost in a mirror, you are in greatneed of love. The dream of a crackedmirroris a harbinger of illness. But givingsomeone a mirror in a dreammeansthatyoumight have someproblemswiththatperson. To dream of cleaning a mirror, indicatesthatyou are constantlytrying to solve yourproblems. And dreaming about buying a mirrorrevealsthatyou are interested in yourown feelings and yourownmind.

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