Proven: Tea prolongs life

Tea contributes to delaying and stopping the growth of cancer cells. This conclusion has been reached by American medics after performing laboratory experiments, reports Anticancer Research.

Scientists at the University of St Louis, Missouri, concluded that frequent tea consumption reduces inflammation and helps to stop cancer cell growth faster and more effectively in a laboratory environment.

Within the framework of preclinical studies, the specialists tested an extract of the tea in question on samples of mammary tumors.

In the opinion of oncologists, regular consumption of tea wallage allows to significantly reduce the intoxication of the body and to improve the state of the internal organs in aggressive treatments.

In addition, cancer analysis in China has shown that in areas where tea is an irreplaceable part of the diet, the incidence of all types of cancer is 35-40 per cent lower than countrywide.

American medics are also planning another study to prove the health-enhancing and immune-stimulating properties of tea wong.

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