Mood and Eating: How do emotions affect us?

Have you ever been sitting on the couch, weeping and chocolate to make you feel better? Everyone had such moments. The overwhelming reaction of most of us to the pain is the calming of harmful food.

What you want to eat is not always what the body really needs. Sometimes different emotions make us consume different things, and this has its logical explanation. According to researchers from Cornell University, when we are optimistic and happy with life, then we are more inclined to eat healthier. They suggest that this may be due to the fact that when our mental health is excellent, physical, too. According to another 2009 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, people tend to buy healthy food if they learn that it will help them feel better for a longer time.

How do different emotions affect eating?

Eating – harmful food for survival

Perhaps you will not be surprised because each of us has fallen into this state. With such a negative emotion, one feels depressed, no mood, the whole world is hideous, and he does not care what he puts in his mouth. The angry man swallows sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, and any other harmful food. They give him satiety and momentary satisfaction, but then cause stomach problems and obesity.

Misfortune – more abundant eating / jam

When one is unhappy, he does not think soberly about things, and he can commit multiple mistakes, one of which is to ignore what he is eating. In addition to eating more sweet things, pastries and other harmful foods at this time, it takes more of what is needed. This can lead to frequent overeating, especially in the evening. Especially for chocolate and ice cream, many people eat them because they think they will feel happier.

According to the Cornell University study, 38% of those watching a sad movie have eaten more popcorn than groups who consumed them during a comedy.

Happiness – More Eating

“Order what you want, today I drink!”. This is what the birthday party or the people who celebrate on some occasion speak. They are happy and want to share their emotions with friends. In such cases, one tends to squash his table with food, but he can not eat half. These moments are an excuse for some to go over with sweet, oily meats or alcohol, because they say, “I’m forgiven today.”

Specific emotions – specific scents and textures

According to Dr. Liza Spangle, weight loss specialist, the different flavors and textures in our diet are due to the specific emotions that rage in us. For example, if you long for a crunchy snack chip – something that will quickly bite your teeth and the bold, it is dictated by frustration. On the other hand, if it’s a sort of pasta, pastry or ice cream, you’re probably in depressed mood, bored or lonely. Counterfeiting can also be a sign that you need change.

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