Lose 70 Kg Without Sport: Without Dropping Steaks

Take over 30 pounds a year without excluding menu steaks. Yes, it is fully achievable. This is proved by a nutritionist.

From this example inspired more than 250,000 people on social networks. 

“I was 140 pounds, now I’m 73-74. It’s hard to find the way, we went through all the diets. Tours of gardens, running and nothing was happening. I had to take things in my own hands. This is a diet that excludes all carbohydrates – bread, dough, sugar. Entry into ketosis. 

He already relies on whole-fat cheese, butter, eggs, vegetables, fish, and periodically hunger for 15 to 36 hours.

We consume only natural fats, said the nutritionist. For him, breakfast should be disconnected unless a person takes medication in the morning. And if you eat, you should take 1-2 boiled eggs and a little cheese.

“It’s good to have at least 5-6 hours between lunch and dinner. It is advisable to avoid iodized salt, “said Alexander.

Both men do not exercise. They insist that food is the first place for a person’s health. According to him, people do not know how and what to eat.

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