Lemon, Pepper, and Salt Is A Better Cure Than Regular Medicines! Can Treats 9 Problems

Lemon, pepper and, salt can be utilized as a prescription. Actually, numerous individuals utilize these fixings in treating regular inconveniences. Another method for treatment can be costly restorative treatment, thus the motivation behind why numerous individuals attempt normal cures.

This is what can be treated with dark pepper, lemon and ocean salt:

Sore throat

Free your throat by consolidating 1 tablespoon new lemon juice, a large portion of a tablespoon of dark pepper and a teaspoon of ocean salt in a glass of warm water. Wash your throat a few times each day to diminish irritation and keep a hack.

Lemon, Pepper, and Salt

You can utilize wrapped ginger for wiping out overabundance bodily fluid and dispose of a hack. Peruse progressively here

Stuffy nose

Dispose of the stopped up nose by wheezing. Blend an equivalent measure of dark pepper, cinnamon, cardamom seed and mix until the point that you make dust. Smooth the blend gradually two or multiple times and acknowledge the sniffle that will enable you to stop.

Expulsion of gallstones

Dregs of stomach related fluids created in your annoy bladder are called gallstones. They can obstruct your stomach related framework and it tends to be very agonizing. Normally they are evacuated carefully.

There are additionally individuals who fix this issue with normal cures. Blend olive oil with lemon squeeze and dark pepper so as to soften the stones.


To fix the ulcers in the mouth, include a teaspoon of Himalayan salt in a glass of warm water and blend in the mouth after every feast. This strategy will wipe out awful microscopic organisms and quicken mending.

Loss of weight

Make a blend of 1/4 teaspoon ground dark pepper, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of nectar in a glass of warm water, on the off chance that you need to quicken your digestion. The lemon contains polyphenol that counteracts corpulence and improves the affectability of insulin that enables consume to fat.


Your anxious stomach can quiet down with dark pepper, and the smell of lemon averts queasiness. The blend of new lemon juice with dark pepper in some high temp water can help. Drink gradually until the point that you feel much improved.

Asthma assault

You ought to dependably have this blend close by on the off chance that you or a portion of your relatives are an asthmatic.

To set up the blend, include 10 grains of dark pepper (entire grain), 2 cloves and 15 leaves of basil in a glass of water. Leave the blend to represent 15 minutes and afterward apply it with a glass top. Include 2 teaspoons of nectar and leave to cool. You can put the blend in the cooler for up to about fourteen days and expend it with drain to be progressively scrumptious.


Blend a large portion of a teaspoon of dark pepper and cannabis oil to fix the debilitated tooth. Apply the blend of aggravated tooth. To keep your toothache, utilize a string and brush your teeth two times per day. It is additionally imperative to maintain a strategic distance from sweet and sharp sustenances.

Colds and influenza

Squeeze a large portion of a natural lemon in a huge bowl of warm water in the event that you need to dispose of the chilly. Place the strip in the water for 10 minutes. Evacuate the lemon and include a teaspoon of natural nectar. Drink the prescription as required until the point that you feel calmed.

Seeping from the nose

Apply a little lemon squeeze on a stick and place it in the nostril. With light development, point your make a beeline for keep blood from streaming into your throat and averting nervousness. Your seeping from the nose will promptly stop.

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