Important for Food: How to arrange your refrigerator?

The well-ordered refrigerator not only looks good, it also helps the food stay fresh and last longer. Refrigerator maintenance includes careful care for three things – temperature, humidity and food security. It is important to know which are the coldest and “warmest” parts in it to extend the life of stored products.

The top shelf

The top shelf is the second coldest place in your refrigerator. In this section, it is advisable to keep packed foods, pickles, watermelons, grapes.

The middle part

In the middle of the refrigerator the temperature is the most constant. It is the perfect place to hold milk, raw eggs, and even some cooked food. Check that the food is well covered and do not keep the products and dishes in question for more than 3 days.

Other parts

If you have additional shelves in your refrigerator, you can use them by storing nuts and fruits in them. These foods require less humidity.

Bottom part

Vegetables require a damp environment and it is best to keep them in the lowest part of the refrigerator. Here you can also put herbs.

What to hold on the door

The shelves are the warmest places in the refrigerator. There is a good place for butter, soft cheese. Bottles are taller and you can also put them on the door of the refrigerator.

It is important to have air

It is important to realize that your refrigerator should not be crowded and there should be space in it. This allows the food to breathe and not to overload the shelves. Make sure that cold air circulates in the refrigerator so the appliance can perform its function optimally.


To facilitate your orientation in the refrigerator, you can start using labels.

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