How to get rid of headache without medication?

Headache is something that affects many people. Often, the reasons for it are very trivial – dehydration, misinterpretation, overlooking the monitor, etc. But the problem may be more serious.

If you have not had severe migraines or other headache-related illnesses so far, you can try the following relief tips in specific situations before you go to medicines:

1. Cold compress

If you have a migraine, put something cold on your forehead – ice, frozen pudding in pudding, something from the fridge or even a cold shower will relieve the pain. Set the compressor for 15 minutes and then remove it for 15. Repeat once more.

2. Hot compress

If your headache is a result of serious tension, put something warm on your neck or in the back of your head. If it is caused by inflammation of the sinuses, put the warmth on the area that hurts you. A warm shower is also an option.

3. Release stress with scalp massage

The cause of the headache may be too tight a tail or a coke. If you suspect this is the reason, you can easily remove it by relaxing your hair and massaging the scalp. You may also feel tightening from too tight eyeglass frames. Remove them.

4. Reduce the light

Light can be a big whip of your eyes and cause you a headache. If your eyes are more sensitive, flatten the lights – run the blinds or reduce the lighting. Mixing lights often escalates into headaches. Wear regular sunglasses when you are out.

5. Do not chew

Chewing and jaw movement exacerbate the headache.

6. A little caffeine

If your headache is a companion while getting up, drink tea or coffee. Caffeine helps relieve it, but it should not be overpowered because then it has the opposite effect.

7. Drink water

As mentioned, one of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration.

8. Consult a specialist

If these tips do not affect your headache, you may have a more serious problem. At high intensity and frequency, do not wait long, but consult a doctor.

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