How Many Calories You Lose While Sleeping?

When you think of burning calories, the dream hardly comes to mind. But your body burns calories while you sleep. Research shows that your brain burns about 20% of the calories consumed during the day and continues to do so even while you are sleeping.

“Burning calories during sleep is more than necessary because sleep is not a passive state. There is no magic number to show exactly how much calories you spend during sleep. But their number varies depending on the stages of sleep, “says Dr. Mary Ellen Wells, Director of the Neuro-Diagnostic Sleep Research Center at UNC Medical School. According to experts, there is a formula that will help you calculate calories while resting in bed at night.

For this you need to know how much your body burns during your rest (your metabolic index). This is determined by your age, height, and weight. On average, this index is about 45 calories per hour.

During your sleep, your body functions at 95% of what it does during rest. So, depending on your sleeping hours and your metabolic index, you can take 95% of this calculation and roughly get the amount of calories burned. If you want to increase your calorie consumption in the middle of the night, lower the temperature in the room you are sleeping in. The lower temperature will cause the body to work to produce more heat, which means a higher number of calories burned.

According to experts, it is best to maintain a temperature of about 15 degrees. Get enough sleep, otherwise you are at risk of obesity, show previous and current research. When the body is tired, its metabolism slows down and the brain sends signals to take up more of the necessary food, which is then sorted out as fat.

The conclusion: keep your room dark, cool and sleep between 7-9 hours per night and you can burn several hundred calories at night. Still, it’s not enough to keep you in shape, so do not drop your fitness card.

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