How do we recover from overeating during the holidays?

On the holidays and the most righteous they overeat, and sometimes drink a little. How to restore our body after this shock?

“The organism wants to be unloaded, initially with light foods and then more noticeable unloading .. Despite the recommendations of the professionals before the holidays, people put stress on their body.Psychologically, the hostess must tactically serve and preserve its culinary works through a famous interval.

Overeating is felt 15 minutes after ingestion of the food. That is why one has to get out of the table very slightly hungry, “recommended the expert on healthy eating Professor Julie Berban.

“It’s good to be served in the big fine restaurants where even a 7-course menu is divided into parts but people’s eyes are hungry than their stomachs, eating foods with fiber after a bite, lots of fluids and antioxidants.

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