When we hear that something helps to lose weight quickly and easily, and without much effort, we are ready to try it momentarily.

Unfortunately, the genius formula has not yet been found that turns all women into saplings while eating jam from the couch, but there are some really valuable ingredients in your kitchen that do wonders with the immune system, digestion, metabolism, and so increase burning of calories.

While fasting water helps remove toxins, eating garlic sinking in honey has far more benefits for the body. This cozy combination should also be eaten directly after getting up and acts on the following body functions:

– Detoxification;

– Enhancement of the immune system;

– Improving peristalsis;

– Increased metabolism

– Improvement of the excretory system;

– Suppress appetite.

Garlic is one of the most powerful means that not only fights toxins and charges the body with vitamins, but because of its strong aroma it can suppress the leptin hunger hormone and help you absorb less food.

Honey also has valuable properties and is the first substitute for sugar! It contains vitamins and minerals, helps keep blood sugar in the norm and gives strength and energy to the body. Honey has a lot of calories, but it also saves and combined with garlic in the long run can help you significantly reduce your calorie intake.

How do you take it?

If the thought of eating fasting garlic does not scare you and you are motivated to try to lose weight, follow the instructions: Cut a few cloves of garlic and mix them with honey so that they are well watered. Leave to stay for several hours. This combination can stay in the refrigerator for up to 3 days and can be eaten.

Attention! Keep in mind that garlic is a very strong aromatic food and you must take steps to enliven your breath.