Himalayan salt lamp for cleaner air

The autumn came and outstood sharply. The period of change of seasons is the most stressful for the body. Decreasing temperatures predisposes to colds, so we need to take action.

Haller therapy is one way to boost immunity before winter. Apart from visiting saline rooms, the use of Himalayan lamps is another option to increase body defenses. The natural product from which they are made contains more than 95% sodium chloride, as well as minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium and potassium, which are involved in various functions of the body.

The Himalayan salt lamp has many health benefits. By working, it connects the negative ions with the excess positive ions in the room where it is placed. The heat emitted by it absorbs moisture and builds up an ionic field. This reduces the headache, nervousness and insomnia caused by the electronic devices we use.

Poor air quality in the home worsens our health. And the greater amount of positive ions in it attract pollution and can cause asthma, cough, allergies and other problems. In order to neutralize them, a source of heat or flame is needed to produce negative ions. They increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, increase body energy and reduce throat irritation caused by bad air.

The lamp can be used day and night. It releases the sinuses and allows you to breathe freely during sleep. The more saturated its color, the higher the concentration of minerals in it. The warmth of it attracts moisture, which evaporates through the Himalayan salt crystal and emits negative ions. To maximize the effect, consider the size of the room you buy it for. If you want to put it in the bedroom, choose a larger size, while for the office you can buy a smaller one to put in the computer.

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