Heroin, tobacco, soothing pills – what are the five substances that create the greatest addiction?

Anyone who ever drank a cup of coffee knows that not all drugs are equally harmful. Caffeine, for example, is the most frequently consumed psychoactive drug in the world, yet it does not pose a threat to human health.

In order to establish which are the most dangerous drugs, a team of psychiatrists, chemists and pharmacologists assessed the substances on the basis of three factors: how much physical damage they cause, how much addiction they create, and how much harm they do to society at all, according to what is being spent on them health fund.

The ranking is based on which substance creates the most addiction, and the dependence is further divided into three factors that determine the degree of dependence:

  • 1 Pleasure, euphoria that the user feels while consuming drugs; psychological dependence.
  • 2 The need, the feeling that the user has when giving up the drug.
  • 3 Physical dependence, headaches or other physical symptoms that the user has when giving up the drug.

What is the list of substances that ranked the highest in terms of addiction?

1. Heroin ranks highest on the scale based on the addiction it causes

This drug has won all 3 of 3 possible qualifications in terms of pleasure, need and physical dependence.

2. Cocaine also won 3 of 3 in terms of satisfaction

However, it is considered that he creates less psychological dependence on the nuance than heroin and creates for about half a less physical dependence.

3. With regard to psychological dependence, nicotine is considered almost as bad as cocaine

Nicotine received 2.6 out of 3 possible levels in relation to 2.8 of cocaine. But he is also considered a drug that creates less satisfaction and creates much less physical dependence.

4. Barbiturates and sedatives that were formerly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety

This category includes medicines that are found in pharmacies. Barbiturates have 2 out of a possible 3 relative to reliability. They were ranked as a drug that creates less satisfaction and less psychological and physical dependence on nicotine, heroin and cocaine.

5. Alcohol is considered a drug that creates less psychological dependence on cigarettes

Alcohol and tobacco were ranked the same in terms of satisfaction that they provide with their addiction, but still have 2.3 of the possible 3. Alcohol and tobacco also have a similar assessment of the physical manifestation of addiction.

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