Harmful habits: Rarely breakfast, often with dough!

Breakfast gives us energy and conditioning for the day. It turns out, however, that 43% of Bulgarians do not eat breakfast, while 95% do not miss dinner. And if we eat breakfast, in most cases we accept pasta.

“It’s invented by nature. We have a biological clock for humans and it is consistent with daylight. Several times a day we physiologically pour gastric juices. If we do not feed, these gastric juices aggressively attack the mucous membrane and cause inflammatory processes.

The nutritionist and dietician also pointed out that breakfast made the body energized, and a person did not gain weight. Between 8 am and 10 am, we are at the highest intensity of food degradation. Whatever we eat, we will not turn it into fat, it was clear from her words.

The opposite is due to a late dinner when our body is targeting reserves and fat. Breakfast is a good way for a person to maintain good health and not be too hungry late at night. There must be fruit or vegetable in the breakfast, and vegetables should prevail.

 Still, clarified that caffeine suppresses our appetite, but recommended that we drink our coffee with some milk or honey. We often drink coffee as a dessert, but in this way the available iron from the meat is not absorbed properly by the body, explained the expert.

More physiological is the five times a day, but at certain times rather than chaotic. And added that it is not appropriate to eat more than 30 grams of nuts a day because they are high calories.

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