Go to bed early, live longer !

Some people define themselves as “night birds” – they are more active at night and prefer to lie down in the small hours of the night. However, this is a very harmful habit that can kill you by developing diseases such as diabetes or “psychological illness”. A study published in Chronobiology International claims that people who identify themselves as “night birds” are more susceptible to health conditions such as diabetes, neurological diseases, psychological illnesses and are more likely to go away earlier than this world as opposed to their fellow men who get up and lie down early.

Sixty and a half years ago, 433,268 Britons were followed up in the study. They had to identify themselves when they went to bed in the evening and when they were more active. About 10,000 participants died during the study, and scientists found that “night birds” were 10% more likely to be at risk than earlier deaths than others.

“Previous studies have shown that” night birds “are worse physical health and therefore more likely to develop a number of serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease,” said Christen Knuttsson, a neurologist at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

The reason is the confusion of the biological human clock, which is still programmed to be active during the day and to rest at night. Consequently, it affects the circadian rhythm, which affects the overall health of a person.

How do you change and adjust your nightly habits?

If you suddenly begin to force yourself to go to bed early, you will only get unnecessary brain stress. Start with a little change. Try to go to bed 30 minutes early. Over time add 30 more, so you can shift your bedtime smoothly. In case you work night shifts and you can not turn into a “day bird”, Knutson advises you to take into account her research and to check your health regularly.

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