For wine lovers: With what foods to combine it?

Wine takes an honorable place at our table during the winter season. Especially during the holidays, many people prefer to drink this type of alcohol because it goes with many of the dishes on the table.

Christmas Eve and Christmas passed, but there is a welcome to the new year, as well as several days of names, which are the occasion for noisy gatherings and celebrations. If you want to surprise your guests pleasantly, see with which foods you can combine white and red wine best:


Classic combination, beloved by many Bulgarians. With or without the occasion, on the table there is always a white brined cheese, cut into pieces and sprinkled with a little bit of oil and red pepper. It is the perfect meal for both white and red wine. Depending on what textures and flavors you prefer, you can cut some more “fancy” cheese – such as blue, Gouda, Emmental, cheddar, Roquefort and others.


Another nice combination. Many people like to eat a salad of black olives with onions, drinking white or red wine. There are a variety of olives, but it is best to choose white if you have mature green on the table, and red for black olives.


The first thing you will order if you are at a pub and drinking alcohol are kernels. They go with both wine and brandy. But if we look at them in more detail, cashews and pistachios are best suited for sweet wines. Walnuts, for example, go to red wines, while almonds are not recommended either for him or for white. They combine with champagne.


The look of the Middle East goes with toasted bread and red wine. If there is a garlic in the humus, it can be combined with white sweet or dry wine.

Italian food

Wine is the main friend of Italian cuisine. When we talk about it, do not think it’s about pizza, but rather about prosciutto with melon, salmon with mozzarella, or basalt with basil and oregano. If you like salads, make “Caprese” and buy your favorite wine.

Dark chocolate

It contains more cocoa and is a powerful aphrodisiac. Its bitter taste “caresses” the senses, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Together with red wine, black chocolate raises libido and mood.

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