For healthy bones: Jump 6 minutes a week

Jumping six minutes a week improves bone strength. This is what British scientists say, quoted by the Daily Mail.

The study, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the jumping, was conducted at the University of Manchester. There were 14 women aged 50 years who practiced the exercise.

According to the results, only 30 jumps are enough to prevent osteoporosis. The reason is that the action itself strengthens the muscles and thus reduces the thinning of the bones that occur over time.

The leap effect is equivalent to an increase in bone density by 2 percent per year.

“These moves are really easy and can be done at home. Frequent walking is not good enough for healthy bones, “said Dr. Galin Montgomery. He hopes the results of the study will make more people perform bony strengthening exercises.

The exercises, which are jumping from a semi-knee or 20 cm high, are the most effective, scientists say. According to their findings, although they do not have data on bone density, landing load is significant. Combined with muscle tension, measured with electrodes, it is sufficient to strengthen the bones.

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