Easy recipes against hangover

The New Year’s Eve is invariably accompanied by joy and cheering. Often, however, refreshed drinks come in more to the celebrities. And for the Bulgarians, the occasions for rich meals and drinks will be on this weekend, when all those who bear the name of Jordan and then the Ivanovtsi will celebrate.

Experts from Abacus Foods, quoted by the Daily Express, recommend several quick and easy ways to cope with the effects of overdosing.

The condition, known as a hangover, is the result of dehydration caused by excessive use of alcohol. Overdosing with beverages can also lead to electrolyte imbalance, which according to some studies plays a modest role in how bad a hangover is. How quickly and easily deal with the consequences of turning more cups without having to reach the aspirin?


For successful handling of the hangover, it is extremely important to take more fluids, possibly containing electrolytes – mineral water, coconut water, sports drinks.


Sleep remains one of the best remedies. As long as one is asleep, his organs are given the opportunity to “rest” and recover. In a hangover, the liver works hard to break down alcohol, and sleep aids natural healing.


Ginger is an excellent remedy against concomitant hangover nausea and vomiting. For this purpose, experts recommend tea with a piece of fresh ginger.


Sweating through a workout or hot tub helps the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins in the body. Be careful with the sauna, however, as excessive sweating can dehydrate you even further and lower your blood pressure.

Greasy food

If you have decided to turn over some other drink, it is justifiable to “put on” them with oily pizza or fried potatoes. Additional fat in the intestine helps slow down the absorption of alcohol. Experts also remind that it is not good to drink on an empty stomach.


Fructose helps to speed up the metabolism of alcohol. To get it, eat some fruit, experts recommend.

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