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If before 1950 the dream remained an incident of sleep for scientists, they now better perceive its beneficial and essential function. It was in 1953 that the first polygraph recordings took place. They made it possible to discover its episodic character masters degree. The dream takes place during REM sleep (stopped tone, intense neurological activity). It is through dreams that we let go of our guilty and unrealizable desires apply college scholarship. There is a scenario representing a drama, an action. The dreamer believes in the reality of the dream, and cannot subject it to criticism. The dream escapes the will and the responsibility of the dreamer abroad scholarship. It translates the sensory excitement and the preoccupation of the dreamer. Sensory images are quite poor in color, definition or precision. What gives the impression of richness is his experience, very dense applying for nrotc scholarship. The dream is a temporary and involuntary regression since the dreamer finds himself completely centered on himself, in a narcissistic way. This is particularly facilitated by the bodily withdrawal in a reassuring environment. It is interesting to note that ‘regression on oneself’ and ‘body withdrawal’ can also be obtained during the relaxation relaxation sessions, in a voluntary and controlled manner this time. The dream is also a projection. The bed is a substitute for the maternal body, which the little child had hallucinated in his sleep after the experience of satisfaction following the feeding. The dream is as if projected onto a white screen, which satisfies the desire to sleep. The maternal body is the screen of the dream, the support of the dream. It is something that completely envelops the dreamermba scholarship opportunities. The mode of satisfaction is the same as that of the little child who knows that he is contained by the maternal body. The little child projects onto the projection surface that is the mother. There is also projection by the fact that there is exteriorization of unconscious internal psychic processes, it is the latent content, composed of desires, of memories repressed by the censorship military scholarship program. The dream does work to transform this latent content into manifest content, acceptable to the dreamer’s ego and censorship.Upon awakening, the censorship (which also wakes up) removes the strengths of the dream into oblivion.

This article represent 16 Commons Dreams and their meanings :


For the subconscious, teeth represent a weapon: losing them would mean finding yourself disarmed and without the possibility of defense. This kind of dream appears when there has been a real experience where you have had the feeling of being helpless or when you are afraid that you are helpless scholarship military spouse. Some experts associate the nightmare of tooth loss with a real need to find a way out to vent the accumulated anger: teeth grinding, in fact, is the involuntary response to a feeling of pent-up anger.


If you have dreamed about babies, you should first analyze the sensations you felt when you woke up from sleep. For example, there are people who dream of a baby because they want to have a child, or because a friend or family member wants to become pregnant or has just become a mother scholarship for doctoral program. But dream with a sick baby is negative, a warning that a bad omen is coming scholarship for doctoral programs. A difficult and painful time is approaching, so be prepared to overcome any problems.

If a woman has dreamed of caring for a sick baby, it means that she might be suffering from infidelity in the not too distant future. But if a mother dreams that her child is dying or sick but is healthy, she represents her fear in various aspects of her life and that of her family.


The vehicle represents your ability to move forward in a project, to achieve a goal. If it’s out of control in your dream, it means that you don’t feel like you have control on the way to success maryland state scholarship.


Water can come in many forms in dreams. They can be dreams of the sea and the ocean, that is to say of natural spaces, or dreams of a swimming pool which corresponds to build places. Each has a different meaning. But by the sea and watching the sea space and the waves, means that you need space and peace military scholarship medical school. This dream comes to compensate for a too hectic and stressful life. You yearn for a steady pace of activity that lets you breathe.


Feeling falling into the void leaves an unpleasant trail for the dreamer or dreamer, unlike the dream of taking off which rather gives a feeling of liberation. Our unconscious shows us that we have not sufficiently understood the situation we are going through. Either we do not have the strength to undertake or continue what we are doing or what we want to start transfer scholarship. Either an opposition stands in front of us and we cannot move forward as we thought.

It’s a little alert that asks us to be more vigilant about what is going on in our existence right now.

What brings us down can be presented in the dream in a direct form or in a symbolic form. But more often than not there is no indication, especially when we fall into the void.


The dream of school or the dream of taking an exam in a school setting is a form of expression of the subconscious, when the dreamer has to face a stressful situation that he must overcome in order to continue on his way. It generally reflects anxiety in real life, the fear of not feeling up to the responsibilities or of doing things badly scholarship for mba program. The dream of seeing yourself in a dream at your old school, high school or college where you studied, and taking a test again is quite common. This kind of dream usually reflects the state of mind that relates to the present. The dreamer’s current situation puts him back in the school of life where he must demonstrate certain abilities specific to adults, such as conflict resolution for example.

To see himself in a dream come back to his school is also a frequent dream, when the dreamer has to face an emotion to which he is not used; this dream occurs on a person who is used to suppressing his feelings and who must learn to let go in order to allow his heart to express itself freely. Meaning of Dreaming of Written or Oral Exam Dreaming of written exam reveals the complex of the dreamer who believes himself unable to express himself with ease, especially if he does not have peace of mind. To dream of an oral exam can reflect high self-esteem of the dreamer himself.


Buying clothes: Often synonymous with pageantry, the deduction is easy. This purchase highlights his lack of security, his lack of self-confidence. We also feel the need to protect ourselves from others. Shyness is to be worked on unless it is the superficiality of character that is revealed.

Beautiful clothes without any particular fantasy: We are in the process of being appreciated and recognized by people with a higher social status than their own. Possibility of climbing a few rungs in society.

A ceremonial garment: His desire to appear is stronger than his desire to be. Superficial relationships. It may be the Other who is trying to impress. It’s up to everyone to make the distinction.


The most common dream is that the one chasing you is anonymous. Sometimes, however, our subconscious manages to create the image of someone we know. While your natural reaction is to think that this person is a threat, nothing is further from the truth. To dream of being chased by someone you know means that this person will play a very important role in the changes you make in your life, constituting a fundamental point of support in this regard. Sometimes the important thing is to focus on intention scholarship for master in education. Dreaming that you are being chased to be killed refers to the dimension of your problems which, in your subconscious, take on a feeling of threat. In dreams, fear for life indicates a loss of security in real life. However, escaping your pursuer is a good omen: a period of renewal can provide a solution to your anxiety.


To see a disaster in other words a large-scale accident in a modified state of consciousness refers to its own history and rarely to anything else. Of course, it is possible that we dream of floods and that we learn through the information that such place in the world, there have been victims following repeated floods. Given the ease of access to information, we always find this kind of pseudo coincidence. For itself is that the dream of floods warns of emotional upheavals linked to a brutal and unpleasant change, of a disorganization of his way of life.

It is very difficult to fight a major disaster on your own. We have no control over this external event. The will can do nothing and even less the only physical force. We have to get through the turmoil, grasp the few positive elements that present themselves to lay the foundations for a new life in the long term. In general, dreams or H.V. Catastrophes occur when you are cornered in an absurd situation that drags on. And only radical change can put an end to this situation. The ensuing period is quite difficult but it turns out to be beneficial in the long term.


Being pregnant expresses a desire that is taking shape. This image is symbolic and this desire is essentially on the psychological level. In some cases this desire is similar to that of wanting a child, but this is not the most common meaning. And maybe also means A project, prepared together with other people, is underway. This project asks you to continue preparing it in order to consider its content and formalization more precisely medical school navy scholarship. You need to take the time to better view the content of your project. So Continue to prepare for your joint project. It is on track and everything is not yet finalized. A review of its content is necessary to better define it for its realization. You can work together with others to better prepare for the future.


According to psychologists, delayis the result of a feeling of exclusion that causes the latecomer to withdrawfrom a group. He isconvincedthathedoes not have the right to get the samegratuities, he has no place in the world. Theyalsointerpretdelay as the result of a feeling of abandonment, an eventexperienced in childhood of which the subconsciouskeeps the deepest traces.

The dream of delayalsoreflects an indecisionrelated to a decision or an action to betaken. The personwhodreams of delay has to face it but alwaysfindsbad excuses to delay or escape the deadline military spouse college scholarship. And the contexts of dreams of delay are many and varied. To understandwhattheymean, we  must alsotakeintoaccount the feeling of the dreameruponwaking up. Whilesome situations do not really have an effect, others can bedistressing or eventraumaticscholarship for masters degree in education. Eitherway, dreaming about beinglateis one wayoursubconsciousmindreminds us thatitis time for us to take action in the situations thatbother us in the present moment.

12. A ROOM

The dream of seeing a room, indicates that you want to ask yourself. And if it small and narrow dark room is a sign of anxiety. But an open bedroom in a dream is meeting a person who could change the dreamer’s life scholarship for masters in education. And dreaming of a closed room symbolizes in Islam a lack of feelings. But if it’s white room is a sign of protection against negative power and slander.


the cell phone allows a constant bond with the close relations and gives us a feeling of security, it can also create a psychic split, a confusion of the real and the virtual scholarship for masters in public health. There is thus a disconnection between the real and the present, an inattention, a propensity to live in expectation and in fantasy. At worst, cellphones represent an addictive trend and, very often, emotional dependence scholarship for mba programs. The need to be constantly connected to the other or to others induces a disconnection from oneself. This propensity stigmatizes a lack of self when we always need to be reassured by “proof” of love for one another in the form of texts, texts, voice messages or calls.

In the real world, the invasion of the object and the pollution it generates are indicative of the lack of education and good citizenship of some of their owners masters in nursing scholarship. The meaning of coarse, fat or shameless character can then be evoked and staged in dreams by the untimely and logorrheic use of a mobile phone.


To dream of the unknown for a man can embodydevelopment or aggression. But a strangerwhoappears in a woman’sdream can representherromantic aspirations scholarship for nurse practitioner program. To see an oldstranger in a dream, is the image of knowledge and experiencethat tries to convey a message to you.

Dreaming about saying hello to a strangerindicatesthat important memories and thingsthatyou have  forgotten can berecalled. But to dream of a stranger in love, promises quarrels in the household.


Mirror dreamsymbolism To look at yourself in a mirror in a dream if you are young, meansgallantry, if you are mature, reveals a lie mesothelioma scholarship. And if yousee a distoringmirror, indicatesthatyou are underestimatingyourself. Alsobuying a mirror in a dreamannouncesgreathappiness.

To break a mirrordeliberately in a dream, foretellsmisfortune and catastrophe. The mirrordreamwhichdoes not reflectanything, meansthatyou do not fullyunderstandyourself the situation you are in scholarship for military spouses. A small mirror in a dream, such as a hand mirror, indicatesthatyou have complexes. To dream of desperatelylooking for a mirrormeansthat the dreameriswrong.


For a long time, whatwasnecessary for human life was to eat. So, if youdreamed about eating, itis an important dreamthatdeservesinterpretationscholarship social worker. This dreamrevealsthatyoumightbeconcerned about some issues in business, but dreaming about eatingshouldbeinterpreteddifferentlydepending on the food or the nature of whatiseaten. But dreaming of eatingaloneannounces sadness. To dream of eating, maysignifythatyoudesire to rise up and reach a higher social class. Dreaming about eatingwithlovedones, announcesthat the future willbe happy.

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