Do you have bad breath? Here’s how to get rid of

Bad breath is something that can expose you to people and lower your self-esteem. No matter how you try to cover it or the other countries, it does not help.

Broken teeth, oral bacteria, inadequate hygiene, frequent coffee consumption, smoking or some “smelly” foods can make your breath terrifying. Using the brush and paste is the first thing you can resort to, but when you feel the unpleasant odor and then you have to take action.

Here are some tips to keep you fresh:

Change your diet

As you know, there are foods whose flavor is much more specific and stays longer in the mouth. Garlic and crom are those things that some can not, but for them you will be ashamed to talk to people for days. If you dine the salad with onions, even if you brush your teeth and use mouthwash, the next day you will feel the unpleasant smell in your mouth.

When you have an important meeting the next day, never have dinner with such things. But there are many other foods that cause bad breath. If you have problems with stomach, gas, swelling, change your diet. When you find out what balances your intestinal flora, you will not feel that nasty taste in your mouth.

Drink water at night

Always keep a glass of water or a bottle next to the bed. At night the body also needs fluids and even if you do not like to get up to the toilet, do not forget the water. Drink a little while before going to bed and get up later with this. This will give you a better breath because you will remove the bacteria that cause it through the urine.

Oral hygiene is not to be underestimated

If you are tired and you are lazy, do not lie down without washing your teeth. Teeth should be washed in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Take a folding toothbrush and bring it to work, so after each meal you will refresh your breath and reduce the risk of cavities. In addition to the toothbrush, provide a cleaning thread and mouthwash. Remember that the tongue should also be cleaned because many bacteria adhere to it.

Tapes and chewing gums

When you are in the office or attend an important event, make sure to take the bands for fresh breath or chewing gum in advance. They can not remove the bad breath completely, but they have a temporary effect.

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