Creation of implant for weight loss

There has been created an implant that can help many people lose weight. The development is done by scientists from the University of Wisconsin.

the implant has a diameter of less than 1 centimeter and creates electrical impulses that it imparts to the body. They resemble those that the stomach generates and thus “deceives” the brain.

Once the person begins to eat, the implant helps make the person feel a quicker feeling of satiety. Thus the brain thinks that the stomach is full and thus prevents the stomach.

The only inconvenience of the device is that it is introduced into the body in a special way. It does not need to be powered because it is charged by the vibrations of the abdominal wall. It can also be removed from the body at any time.

The operation of the implant has passed successful tests with experimental mice. In rodents, a body mass reduction of nearly 40 percent is observed after the device has been placed.

It is still unclear when the implant will be put on sale and how much it will cost.

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