a dog’s life at Delaware SPCA for 866 days finds always home and Video: Investigator shoots family dog !!


NEWARK, Del. – A dog at a Delaware cover for 866 days at last discovered her eternity home.

Charlize, a 4-year-old blended variety canine, was moved to the Delaware SPCA from an accomplice office in July 2018, where she recently went through five months sitting tight for a home.

Anna and her beau Matthew just bought a home after he got back from a sending. Anna says they were feeling the loss of a four-legged child to make their home total.

The couple picked Charlize because they thought she was adorable, with a smiley face and neighborly aura. The little guy delighted in the outside and open-air exercises as they do.

a dog's life

“We didn’t know about how long she had been in the sanctuary until we met her and sincerely couldn’t sort it out,” said Anna. “She was such a darling the entire time we were there meeting her! Furthermore, presently, perceiving that she is so eager to be home and with individuals adoring her makes us so glad!”

Anna and Matthew took Charlize home Nov. 13. She is settling pleasantly and right now imparting the bed to her new mother and father.

“I am cheerful that she appears to confide in us as of now,” Anna said. “It resembles we have known her any longer than we have.”

Charlize was the Delaware SPCA’s longest inhabitant canine. Altogether, Charlize went through 990 days in covers.

For more data about receiving canines or felines from Delaware SPCA, visit

their website, here, or visit theirFacebook page, here.

 oh my dog

Video: Investigator shoots family dog after going to the wrong Property

You godd*mn moron! You shot and killed my God – mn dog oh my dog

An upsetting new video shows what unfolded after a police examiner went to some unacceptable house and wound up lethally shooting a family canine in Arkansas.

The video begins with a visual of the dead dog and Investigator James Freeman of the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office out of sight. The videographer, Chris Coiner, lives at the home where Freeman shot the dog.

Coiner revealed to ABC 7 KATV that the family dog, 3-year-old terrier blend Clide, was shot in the head since it was yelping.

“Stand by not too far off. What is your name? What’s your name?” Coiner asks Freeman, who is obviously attempting to leave, in the video.

oh my dog

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