Body massage to relieve stress and body aches

The ear contains over 200 pressure points, each affecting a different area of the body. Massage of the ears provides the human body and the psyche with a number of advantages. It can bring relief to stress, anxiety and tension. It also helps to reduce spasms, pains in the body, some types of headache, especially tension and stress headaches, stimulating increased release of endorphins. By triggering the brain endorphins, the body relaxes, reduces the sense of stress and favors the general condition of the body.

Massage is effective both for relaxing the body and mind, as well as for strengthening the immunity and improving the circulation . It also stimulates the energy points that support concentration.

There is a point of the ear that strengthens the health of the whole body. The Chinese call it the Shen Man or the Gate to Heaven, reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It is claimed that if the point is massaged every day once or twice, the energy flow can be improved. Some experts say this is the best point in the body that can relieve stress. It is located at the top of the earlobe. Prior to stimulating the point, an important step is the removal of any negative emotions that have infected the mind.

The ear is connected to the brain because when the right ear is massaged, the left part of the brain and the pituitary gland is stimulated , and when the left ear is massaged, the right part and the pineal gland are stimulated. Some ear points correspond to different body areas such as the head, back, neck, stomach, shoulders and lungs. It is believed that reflexology is one of the natural ways to remove physical pain and reduce stress. Therefore, ear massage can be applied daily to relieve tension and prevent tension in the body. In addition, acupressure has no side effects or harmful effects, so it can be applied by everyone.

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