Big health myths that were knocked down in 2018

Science and medicine in 2018 have made significant progress, thanks to the hard work and technologies that enable them to deepen their knowledge.

All new research helps us to better understand all aspects of our health.

Let’s see what the world has revealed about health over the past 12 months and what popular myths have been torn down:

Myth: The keto diet helps in the long-term loss of weight

Every year there is a popular diet, and the keto diet definitely marked the 2018th. In this diet, fatty foods are eaten, and carbohydrates are discarded, so that the body can enter the stage of ketosis, ie burn fat for energy.

Many have lost a lot of weight and claim to feel better than ever. However, according to scientific findings, the results are not so durable and if the kgs are returned, then it is very difficult to lose it again. In fact, as with any other diet, you should also consult a doctor about the keto diet.


Myth: You need to practice at intervals of 30 minutes to see results

A popular fitness belief that comes with the claim that the frequency of exercise is more important than the total amount of exercises. Well, there were instructions suggesting to exercise at intervals of 10, 20, and as the most effective it is stated for 30 minutes.

However, this would also mean that physical activity counts itself from bedding, from the desk, going to the bathroom … That’s why the already known recommendation for adults remains to be used, which should practice between 2.5 and 4 hours a week.


Myth: Gluten is harmful to everyone

This myth for years has gone through the media, and never loses its followers, although it has been broken many times. As a reminder, gluten is harmful only to those who are allergic, that is, they have celiac and a problem with the absorption of nutrients in the body.


Myth: There are special glasses that protect against blue radiation

Blue light, or blue radiation, comes from electronic devices like cell phones, computers, televisions and the like. Many firms have begun selling special glasses that protect against the influence of blue light.

In reality, the medication for it is a passage that less time in front of the screens and more often blinking.


Myth: You only need to eat superfood to be healthy

Salmon, kale, blueberries, oats and so in a circle … Surely it can not be healthy. Super nut is a term that can have different meanings in different contexts, but the most important thing for human health is in the meal to have properly combined groceries in appropriate quantities.

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