If you think sugar refusal and switching sweeteners can help you in weight loss, think again. After years of diligent research, there is still no convincing evidence that sweeteners have any benefit for weight loss.

A German scientist has concluded over 56 studies, including weight loss, blood sugar, oral hygiene, heart and kidney disease. The results of most studies show no particular difference between the sweetener group and the sugar group.

Studies have been conducted on overweight children. Replacing sugar with a sweetener has little effect on weight loss. The result for adults is the same.

There are several studies that benefit sweeteners, but they are either too short or very few. Their results are not statistically significant.

According to the American nutritionist Sharon Zarabi, it does not matter the name of the sweetener, they are all chemically modified varieties of sugar from its natural form by adding different flavors. There is no benefit of varied tastes. They can only increase the consumption of the foods and beverages in which they are used. Sweeteners strongly reject claims.

The Board of Experts is to avoid brands that contain sweeteners. They may adversely affect the normal development of the baby’s organs, and the injuries may not occur immediately, but months or even years.