7 things you do, and nobody realizes that this is because of anxiety

Anxiety is not an easy state of understanding at all, especially for those who have not personally experienced it. Because of her, you make certain things that others do not understand.

Perhaps this text will help you to show them how you really feel when rejecting your exit invitations and why you are afraid of the worst outcome in every possible situation.

In case you do not understand yourself what is happening to you, here’s a little help about accepting and dealing with your situation:

1. Reject invitations even when you go somewhere

Sometimes anxiety is so strange that it draws you from every drop of energy. That’s why you do not even go to events that you actually wanted to go to.


2. You are obsessed with things that normally would not move with a finger

You’re nervous about a conversation last week, for your own or someone else’s action, for something you’ve heard or something that someone else has told you. Whatever happens to you, people who did not have anxiety will not understand this.

3. Easily awake even when you are tired

Sleep is a problem because of the many things that you should accept and get used to. Your mind never stops, even when you sleep, he is completely awake and tormenting you.

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