7 places you do not need to keep your phone

Dependence on mobile devices is getting bigger. We live in times when we are literally obsessed with these machines and we do not want to leave them for a minute aside so as not to miss something. This habit, however, is not at all healthy, as mobile phones emit harmful waves that irradiate our organs.

Here are the places you do not need to keep your phone:

In the pocket

Do you feel stomach or leg pain? This may be due to the fact that you keep your phone in the back pocket. According to doctors, carrying the mobile device in the back pocket puts many of your organs in direct radiation. Because your phone is almost always connected to the Internet, the risk of cancer increases. Also, this type of radiation has been shown to reduce sperm motility in men.

Under the pillow

If you do not have a bedside table, you probably often put your phone to or under your pillow. On the one hand, the harmful waves directly irradiate your brain all night, on the other, ponder how many bacteria you put into your bed? The phone is one of the objects that is full of bacteria, as you carry it everywhere throughout the day.

Close to the heart

Inner pockets of shirts, jackets, blouses … put your phone over your heart and chest. This can cause breast cancer in the long run.

By the face

Your face is also vulnerable! Bacteria on the phone are easily transferred to the skin and from there through the nose, mouth, ears, directly into the body. If they remain on the surface of the face, they can easily cause allergies, acne.

In the bathroom

Not only do you risk damaging your device because it can get wet, sap it, or drop it on the tiles but also hurt it if it gets you electric.

The car under glass

The summer car is very easy to heat and if your phone is under glass, exposed directly to light, the battery can burst, which will provoke release of chemicals. The radiation that the heat-radiated phone radiates is also greater.

In the stroller

Your baby is often more vulnerable to irradiation and radiation because his immune system is still being formed and developed. Keep your mobile devices away from it.

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