5 natural probiotics to take

We are in the season of viruses. In many cities in the country, there is already a flu epidemic. If we are in contact with the sick, the likelihood of getting infected is great. Very often, antibiotics are exposed to such health problems. They inevitably destroy the intestinal flora, so the patients must also take a probiotic.

Probiotics aim to improve stomach health. They improve the functioning of the immune system, help in digestive disorders, soothe the symptoms of lactose intolerance, and the irritable bowel.

If you are healthy and want to protect yourself from influenza, you can take more fruits and vegetables as well as foods that will provide you with the necessary beneficial bacteria.

Here are 5 natural probiotics that everyone has in their refrigerator:

1. Yogurt

The Bulgarian yoghurt contains the Lactobacillus bacteria. It has been shown to have immune-modulating activity, that is, it strengthens the immune system and protects the body from viruses. Yoghurt consumption improves intestinal flora. Several independent studies also show that natural probiotics found in the animal product play a major role in the suppression of tumor processes.

2. Cheese

It is made from milk, which, as we have said, is full of lactobacilli. People who eat real hard cheese can increase the amount of probiotics in the stomach. It also contains linoleic acid and bioactive peptides, which are also beneficial to the health of the digestive system. Cheese, gouyere, cheddar and duckling are recommended, which are full of good bacteria.

3. Kefir

The name of the fermented beverage, which resembles the fresh milk, is of Turkish origin and means pleasure or good feeling. Independent studies have shown that kefir has antimicrobial, antitumor and immunomodulatory properties. The fungus has been used for years to relieve stomach discomfort. It is believed to be an excellent substitute for fresh milk in people with lactose intolerance. Yeast and beneficial bacteria in kefir balance the intestinal flora and reduce the sense of hunger.

4. Apple vinegar

If you do not like to season your salads with it, start using it more often. Apple cider vinegar is produced by fermentation, in which liquid is very useful for stomach bacteria. It contains provitamin A, which is considered to be a powerful antioxidant. In addition, the pectin contained in the apples soothes the lining of the stomach by creating a protective layer. Hot water with a spoon of apple vinegar and a little honey can be drunk with irritated stomach, gastritis or simply prophylactic.

5. Fermented foods in brine

To load with natural probiotics, eat more pickles. Vegetables that have fermented in a special brine also contain lactobacilli, which are responsible for stomach health. According to some doctors, not only the cucumbers, but also the juice they were (if they are home-made) is useful for the intestinal flora.

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